I started making clothes for myself when I was 19 years old, and some friends seeing what I had done, asked me to make some pieces for them. Highly personal and naïve, with references to night clubs, showcasing phrases written in Latin, with handmade embroideries and no big pretensions, those pieces were the beginning of everything.

In Brazil I lived in two different cities for a long time, one closer to nature, the other, more urban. The cultural aspects of each are part of my work as a designer also, until today. 


Having as inspirations and references some elements of my personal universe, the brand resonated with women and men from my original country all over the years: from the collections to stores and custom clients, brides, proms, and wardrobe for artists and movie, with high quality materials, production and real human values in all my work processes. 

I believe in designing one of a kind items and collections.

I believe in creating handmade prints and seeing them through an artistic process.

I believe in producing in limited editions and small quantities.

I believe in knowing who will make my creations which YOU will wear. Understanding all our partners, as human beings, so I know that each piece is made, and infused by their care and attention.

My collections thus become part of this process, each piece seeking to be worn by the person it was designed for. 

After my moving to San Francisco, I adapted style and concept not just for local clients, but for every person who lives the contemporary lifestyle of any big city while wearing proudly their personal beauty and style.

“ my main goal as an artist and designer: give people the fruits of my perceptions of beauty, in a natural and sophisticated way”.

Alysson Santos


Drawings and fabrics were part of my childhood's earliest memories and home in Brazil.  The sunny days made me connect early with nature's colors, the contrast between sand and sea on the beach, and the different shades and shapes of flowers and plants. They all later influenced my work and my interpretation of beauty. It was then, that somehow, my aesthetic taste for clothes began to be part of my life as well, and I began to feel the importance of visual harmony in dressing.

And that's what my work is based on:

visions of beauty and its manifestations. 

Being a designer for 13 years in Brazil helped me understand more of the feminine universe, and how I could help people feel happier about themselves through clothing. This is my main goal as an artist and designer:

give people the fruits of my perception of beauty, in a natural and sophisticated way.